We only work on projects that make people’s lives better. Pretty much full stop.

We won’t work on a project solely to sell more plastic. Is your product something that will help people stay on track while getting healthy and it happens to be plastic? Let’s chat. Got an idea for a new social media app? Hard pass. See aforementioned “make people’s lives better.” But also: bring back Blogging and RSS.

Here’s some of our recent work. Beyond our lack of patience with some types of projects, we’re fun to work with. And we’ll teach you stuff along the way.

  • We ran a stand-alone Discovery project for Healx to find out how best to inform their Product Strategy. We found out a lot more along the way.

  • We helped Autodesk redesign their Forge documentation site and mapped the content production process. Many teams—dozens of individuals contributing.

  • We designed an app to allow employees to train an AI to eventually take over the work of organizing patient files.

  • Client ask: “People have meetings. Go find out about that.” That’s about as generative as research can get.

  • We redesigned Allmed’s internal business processing app and helped them make an extra $10 million in revenue each year. Not bad for a 4 week project.

  • Our research found the best ways to support the consumer as well as how to communicate dense genomic information to someone who isn’t studying to be a doctor.