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We care deeply about looking holistically at problems & opportunities. We don't rush into solutions. We're interested in what you're trying to achieve, and why. We're more than happy to help you put out the fire du jour, but then we'll make sure the fire never happens again.

Photo of Matthew Oliphant.

Matthew Oliphant

Founder & Principal

Matthew has led the research, design, and testing efforts for dozens of product & service projects. He's led research efforts to understand the needs of organ transplant recipients and people who suffer from migraines 24/7, greatly improved turnaround times for health insurance arbitration cases, and helped doctors communicate dense genomics information to consumers.

While his work impacts primarily healthcare, he has improved insurance, banking, accounting, CRM, fundraising, marketing, e-commerce, business processing, education, transportation, engineering, SaaS, B2B, B2C, and the rare C2B.

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Photo of Elise Lind.

Elise Lind

Research Strategist

Elise specializes in design research, adapting many different techniques to understand users' needs, design a positive user experience, and validate it through testing. She has over 20 years’ experience in human factors engineering, UX research, and interaction design, with a BS in mechanical engineering and MS in human factors psychology.

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Photo of Katerina Ivkova.

Katerina Ivkova

Design Researcher

Katerina is a veteran Design Researcher who excels at mapping systems at all levels to find ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness as well as to reduce waste and increase revenue. Over the past 15 years she has improved the Telecommunications, Engineering, and Education industries. Katerina has an MS in Human Factors in Information Design.

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Photo of Matt Wallens.

Matt Wallens

Service Designer

Matt is a senior service design consultant focused on research, training, and design. With over 20 years experience, he’s researched products for web, desktop, & mobile and guided clients through project discovery, strategy, and functional design.

If you want to better understand your customers or employees so that you can make a real, positive impact on their lives, he’ll help you do it.

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Photo of Peter Russo.

Peter Russo

Product Designer

Peter has designed applications that help systems engineers who build complex products reduce risk and meet their auditing needs, smoothed the path-to-enrollment for college applicants, and created tools for citizens to tell stories about their communities using public data.

Whether the project requires running a workshop to get everyone on the same page, facilitating usability tests to validate ideas, or building a design system to make work more efficient - it will be done collaboratively, thoughtfully, and with the end goal of making lives better.

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Photo of Ildikó Tóth.

Ildikó Tóth

UX/UI Designer

Ildikó has a background in many tech sectors including semiconductor manufacturing, channel partner programs, trucking marketplaces, and digital libraries. She worked in software development, product, and business analysis before finding her true calling in the field of design. Ildikó works on complex applications for displaying and manipulating data. This requires a deep understanding of the user's journey and pain points in order to inject nudges and information at the right time to help them achieve their goals.

She's a “there-must-be-a-better-way” generalist who loves working collaboratively to solve challenging problems.

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Photo of Kristin Valentine.

Kristin Valentine

Founder Emeritus

Kristin had every intention of becoming a famous Oboist, but after getting her degree she went into design and technology, first as an interactive designer, and later a web developer.

She worked both with large international companies like Sharp Labs to design and prototype smart TV interfaces and smart home devices, as well as with smaller companies where she helped bring their brand to the web. As a full time developer, she has championed accessibility, thoughtful systems implementation, and user-centric interfaces.

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Building Community

Studio VO proudly founded and continues to support PDXHCD — The Portland Human-Centered Discipline Collective. In this case, the D in HCD is for Discipline, not Design, because we want to be more inclusive of everyone who practices human-centered work.

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