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People are weird. We figure out why.™

I will put out your fire du jour...

But I also want to make sure the fires don’t start again in the future.

I consider the entire lifecycle of a product or service and focus on goals and outcomes. I listen, ask questions, and collect data to ensure that we’re on the right track to delivering better outcomes and doing the right work well.

Each stage of our process builds on the previous one, though not all projects require every stage. I tailor what I deliver based on your needs.

Need help figuring out where to start? I offer half- and full-day scoping workshops where I’ll help you figure out exactly what your project should be. Let’s define accurately what you need right from the start.


“Did he really just say that?”

Many of my projects run into the same issue, over and over: I can identify what needs to change, but the organization either isn’t ready for the change or cannot deliver on it—usually the latter.

Over the course of each project there are a lot of conversations about this which usually go no where because the organization’s leadership isn’t engaged.

GYST projects are meant to help your organization deliver. To be honest, this is where we should start—forget, for now, about that form that isn’t converting.

  • We ran a stand-alone Discovery project for Healx to find out how best to inform their Product Strategy. We found out a lot more along the way.

  • We helped Autodesk redesign their Forge documentation site and mapped the content production process. Many teams—dozens of individuals contributing.

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