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We are a service design firm that helps healthcare companies create better products and services.

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We trade in clarity and confidence.

We provide our clients with an understanding if what their products and services must get right.

That means helping them experience multiple ways of seeing. We want them to adopt the perspective of people who use (or might someday use) their products and services — then build based on a deep understanding of customer needs balanced with the business' capability to deliver.

Service Design allows us to start the conversation.

When it's done well, our approach reduces suffering and preserves dignity of both the team involved in the project and the people impacted by or using the products and services in question.

If that sounds aspirational, good; it's what we're chasing.

At Studio VO, we work with clients on everything from idea valuation (is this a good thing for you to do?) to design research (let's go talk to people!) to usability testing (did the thing we make hit the mark?) to teaching your teams how to continue the work which we set you on the path doing.

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