UX Research

Ask better questions, of the right people, and get better outcomes.

Our UX Research course was created to help teams improve their ability to connect with and understand customers.

The course offers the opportunity to develop practical, hands-on research skills under the guidance of seasoned practitioners, each with over 20 years of experience in Research, Product & Service Design, and Usability Testing.

There are two components of this course:

The Intensive Course: One week of live, virtual training to cover the core theories, methods, and techniques of user research. Each session has time allocated for discussion, exercises, and Q&A. There are 5 classes, each lasting two and a half hours.

Project Mentoring (Optional Add-on): If you would like help practicing the techniques on your own, this option is for you! We will help you scope, design, and run a research project that has actual meaning to you. You’ll get 1-on-1 time with us to review deliverables and give feedback on your skills. This is ideal for everyone who learns better by doing.


“Thank you so very much for your instruction and guidance! It absolutely helped me prepare for and feel comfortable during the interview process. I re-read all of my notes from our course a few times and obviously it will help me be successful in my new position.”

-Ingrid P., UX Researcher

"[The] training was incredible! The curriculum was broad enough to provide a comprehensive overview to participants with all levels of experience but still tackled many advanced concepts for those of us who are in the trenches. The knowledge and insight were invaluable to my team. Highly recommend this course for your research team as well as the business stakeholders who are impacted by their efforts."

-Greg C., Director of Product Research


No beating around the bush here:

$18,000 for the Intensive, up to 15 participants
$2,000 for the Project Mentoring per participant

All training takes place online. Once COVID is under control, we’re happy to come to you (pricing does not include travel expenses). Depending on our schedule, we can run this course any time of the year—especially as everything is currently remote.

And to say it loud for the people in the back: We love training cross-functional teams! You don’t have to have the title of Researcher to get a lot out of this class. It’s great for Product Managers, Designers, and Product Owners, too.

Email us to find out more!


Part I: Theory

  • The Why, What and When of Research
  • Myths About Research (and how to address them)
  • Biases in Research (and how to address them)
  • Research Methods Deep-Dive (Quantitative & Qualitative, Surveys, Contextual, Interviews, Diary Studies, Usability Testing, Participatory Design)

Part II: Application

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Creating a Research Plan & Discussion Guide
  • Identifying and finding research participants
  • Conducting qualitative research: Interviews
  • Analysis and prioritization of research findings
  • How best to present your work

Other Training

The following list is mostly inclusive of everything we can do for you. If you see a couple of items and think, “I need a little of this and some of that,” we can work with that.

Introduction to Service and/or Product Design
Design strategy, best practices, user research, journey mapping, evaluating designs, user profiles. How to do it, when, why, with whom, the whole 7 +/- 2-yards. 3 to 5 days.

Design Studio / Discovery
Work as a team to understand the Why, Who, and What of any given project. Here, we are not interested in the Hows. Solutions come easy once you do the up-front work correctly. 1 to 3 days.

Journey Mapping, Service Blueprinting, & User Scenarios
Understand the overall, high-level flow of anything from the user’s perspective. With special attention to your own context of staying in or starting a business and how your employees can best carry out the mission. 1 to 3 days.

UX & Agile & You
How do UX and Agile best fit together? Spoiler-alert: you may have to change how you work. But you’ll make better stuff. 1 day.

Sketching & Facilitation
Ideation and exploration skills. These are skills that everyone needs. .5 to 1 day.

Communicating Design
How to document research design, and intent. And do it in a way that influences outcomes. .5 to 1 day.

Design Management
How to build and manage a team of designers. 73% of the content applies to any type of team, not just designers. We measured. True story™. 1 to 3 days.