Allmed Enterprise Software Redesign

We provided User Research, Usability Testing, and UX Design to AllMed for their internal application that runs the bulk of their business. When we came in, they were in the later stages of the project to launch a new version of the tool they’d been relying on.

Based on conversations with internal users as well applying some heuristics, we were able to greatly optimize the interface so that it better matched the workflow of the users and, where appropriate, put more onus on the system to do some of the administrative tasks so that the users could focus on the core of their work.

Thanks to our help, they launched the new app to a 30% improvement to the overall workflow of reviewing cases. That’s a direct, positive impact to their bottom line—$10 million in extra revenue each year.

Users are able to work faster and better, and the system adapts to what they need depending on the type of work they are doing at any given point during the day. Cases they review get decisions sooner which means patients know faster whether their claim will be paid.

We love these kinds of projects where we can help a company make more money and help real people with their daily lives.