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Since time immemorial, around 2008 or so, we put a stake in the ground: part of our job is to become irrelevant.

That is to say, we want to work with you on projects and along the way, teach you how to take care of things on your own. There's a lot to learn, but with interest, time, effort, and help, you can do it.

While we informally teach during projects, we can also set aside anywhere from a half-day to a week to teach you all you need to know to be self-sufficient in Service and Product Design.

image of workshop attendees working through an exercise at UX Hong Kong, 2018


The following list is mostly inclusive of everything we can do for you. If you see a couple of items and think, “I need a little of this and some of that,” we can work with that, too.

Introduction to Service / Product Design

3 to 5 days. Design strategy, best practices, user research, journey mapping, evaluating designs, user profiles. How to do it, when, why, with whom, the whole 9-yards.

User / Customer / Design Research

1 to 3 days. Methods and tools to gather user/customer input and what to do with it once you collect it.

Design Studio / Discovery

1 to 3 days. Work as a team to understand the Why, Who, and What of any given project. Here, we are not interested in the Hows. Solutions come easy once you do the up-front work correctly.

Journey Mapping, Blueprinting, & Scenarios

1 to 3 days. Understand the overall, high-level flow of anything from the user’s perspective. With special attention to your own context of staying in or starting a business and how your employees can best carry out the mission.

UX & Agile & You

1 day. How do UX and Agile best fit together? Spoiler-alert: you may have to change how you work. But you'll make better stuff.

Sketching & Facilitation

.5 to 1 day. Ideation and exploration skills. These are skills that everyone needs.

Communicating Design

.5 to 1 day. How to document designs and communicate intent.

Design Management

1 to 2 days. How to build and manage a team of designers? 73% of the content applies to any type of team, not just designers. We measured. True story™.


No beating around the bush here: these are our rates. Happy to let you pay us more, of course!

  • $10,000 per day for 02-10 participants
  • $18,000 per day for 11-20 participants

Things to Keep in Mind

Half-days are half the rates listed above. Most of the classes shouldn't be done as half-days, unless noted, as you won't get much out of it.

Travel & lodging are not included in the pricing. We're happy to come to you, but this cost will be invoiced as separate line items from the training itself.

The smallest group we'll work with is 2. The largest group we'll work with is 20. The purpose of these classes is to learn and more than 20 people makes it difficult for everyone to get the attention they need. And, as this work is always highly-collaborative, we train no fewer than 2 people at a time so they have someone with whom to ... wait for it ... collaborate.

All of the above can be given as a workshop at your conference. This is where we'll break our 20-people-max rule. That said, conference workshops tend to be good for overviews, while the training here is meant for deep-diving.

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