Experience Design, The Talk Show?

A few weeks ago we launched a YouTube channel called We Can Do Better. It's a show about Experience Design (broadly) that is co-hosted with my friend and long-time collaborator, Matt Wallens.

The name of the show comes from this article. We can all do better when it comes to the products and service we create, and that's a lot of what we'll be talking about.

We'll also be doing interviews with people we think are interesting. Like an upcoming interview where I talk with someone who is deaf over video chat. We figured out a way to make it work. Sometimes it will be just one of us talking to the camera, and sometimes we'll be doing "field pieces." Think "documentary-lite."

Here's the most recent episode about Remote Interviews and Testing. We talk a lot about why to do it, when to do it, and what the drawbacks are.

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Startup Therapy Office Hours

I'm partnering with Tara Horn of The Praxis Department​ to offer 4 days of office hours. We're calling it Startup Therapy. You don't have to be a startup to sign up, but since we're basing out of PIE, we figured it'd be a good title. We'll be available from 9am to 2pm each day.

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