Startup Therapy Office Hours

I'm partnering with Tara Horn of The Praxis Department to offer 4 days of office hours. We're calling it Startup Therapy. You don't have to be a startup to sign up, but since we're basing out of PIE, we figured it'd be a good title. We'll be available from 9am to 2pm each day.

What are we therapizing (it's a word now!)? Here's the official announcement:

Startup Therapy Office Hours

The Praxis Department and Studio VO are hosting Startup Therapy Office Hours July, 23 - July, 26 at PIE, to help you solve problems and get things done. Sign up now!

Startup life is exciting and challenging. It’s constant learning and navigating unexpected changes. It’s easy to get caught up in the race and think we have to have all the answers, even for questions we’ve never asked before.

Sometimes what we really need is a chance to step back, reflect, and ask for help.

What if you had one hour of time and confidential expert support to work on the biggest challenge you are facing right now? What help would you ask for?

  • Helping your team work together more smoothly?
  • How to connect more authentically with your customers?
  • How to identify and understand your customers’ motivations?
  • Getting a change to really stick without the usual uphill battle?
  • How to build a company without sacrificing your mental health?

No question is too big or too small, and our only mission is to help you find answers and a clear path forward.

Who’s it for?

Entrepreneurs, founders, business, and people leaders, anyone who’s interested in building a more resilient, people-centered, successful company.

What do you get?

One hour of time to discuss and work through a problem of your choosing. It’s free and entirely confidential. Sign up and pick a time! Email with your questions.

Who are we?

The Praxis Department helps great companies navigate change and create resilient cultures that scale. They created The Startup Culture Canvas and would love to help you get started with it.

Studio VO helps companies connect with customers to create more impactful product and service experiences. Think of us as your own personal customer, culture, and strategy team. People are weird. We figure out why.

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