30 Days Later

I’m sitting in the Virgin Airlines lounge at LHR waiting for my flight back to Portland, OR. I’m reflecting¹ about the past 30 days of travel around London, Dublin, Galway, Edinburgh, Fort William, Edinburgh, London, Norwich, Brighton, and back to London.

Had an excellent time toodling around Ireland & Scotland with my friend and colleague. Many whisky tastings. Meeting agency owners and prospective clients. Attending two conferences and speaking at one of them. As well as travelling around The South™ of the UK with friends old and new.


I was given the opportunity to give a short talk at User Research London. Again, as with the longer version of the talk I gave at UX Hong Kong in March, I had people tell me after that it resonated with them. One person even started to use one of the ideas I presented to their benefit. That feels good to hear. Looking forward to next year’s event!


I attended The Lead Developer London. As I noted on Twitter: “The perspectives shared at #LeadDevLondon should be the way Tech is. Positive, inclusive, hospitable, caring, making space for vulnerability … This is a conference for grown-ups.” If you get a chance to attend this conference, even if you aren’t a Developer, do it. They do them in Austin and NYC.


I feel grateful to have found a handful of interesting leads. All either because I knew them, or someone knew someone else I should know. The old adage is an old adage for a reason. It’s a bit odd to think about, but I currently have no leads in Portland.

I do have leads not in Portland. I’m willing to travel for work, but do have to wonder if Portland is the right place for me if I am going to make a living there. Something to keep in mind, for sure. I’d like Portland to work, especially given some of the community-related things I drive there like PDXHCD and something accelerator-y which I can talk more about in a few weeks.

Overall it’s been a good trip. I’m thankful for the friends who let me stay with them, the friends who let me hang out with them, the ones who gave me good advice, the ones who let me give them good advice, and the all Airbnb places that weren’t run by Carole & Dave; never again, you two!


No big takeaways to share. Yet. There were a lot of conversations that sparked ideas, but I need to think on them more. It’s been good to change modes (and walk 116 miles) these past 30 days. If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

If you don’t have the means, make sure to take some time for yourself each day. You deserve it.

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I know what UX is and I also do not recognize what it is. Ultimately, it’s a question best put to rest. A better question will always be: how can we help? And, related, how do we become better helpers?

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