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We care deeply about looking holistically at problems and opportunities. We don't rush into solutions. We're more interested in what your project is trying to achieve, and why. Answering What and Why are far more important than figuring out how. Answer those questions and the How tends to present itself.

Photo of Matthew

Matthew Oliphant

Founder & Principal

Matthew has been getting people from WTF to FTW since 1999. He has led the design and development efforts of several software products, redesigned large-scale corporate design and development processes, led research efforts to understand the needs of organ transplant recipients and helped shut down four businesses, for which the owners thanked him heartily.

Matthew thinks it should be pronounced GIF.

Photo of Kristin

Kristin Valentine

Founder Emeritus

Kristin had every intention of becoming a famous Oboist, but after getting her degree she went into design and technology, first as an interactive designer, and later a web developer.

She worked both with large international companies like Sharp Labs to design and prototype smart TV interfaces and smart home devices, as well as with smaller companies where she helped bring their brand to the web. As a full time developer, she has championed accessibility, thoughtful systems implementation, and user-centric interfaces.

Kristin thinks it should be pronounced GIF.

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